Engage your people effectively.

I design educational programs and initiatives to help you and your people make informed choices.

We can create more health, safety and equity in your organization by:

  • creating a common language to talk about work
  • educating your people about what healthy work is and how we create it
  • analyzing and redesigning jobs
  • improving work processes
  • aligning organizational structures

My on-demand and live programs are an affordable and effective way to get started.  They are great for individuals and groups, available whenever you have time to engage.

Find out more at buildbackbetterwork.com.

Online Programs (on-demand & live) at buildbackbetterwork.com.

Participants learn:

  • core concepts to understand how work affects people,

  • how work system components are interrelated,

  • awareness of other’s experiences and needs,

  • self-awareness of their own assumptions, needs and behaviors,

  • the complexity and uniqueness of local work systems,

  • how to create a safe space to test ideas and assumptions about work.

If your organization is ready for a custom educational program (online or on-site) or a custom change initiative, contact me at katherine@katherinesandersconsulting.com.

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